The Larry Reed Man on Weed Show

SoL Cannabis dispensary

Larry Weed Man on Weed spent some time with our Master Grower Ed, this is a short clip discussing the view of our greenhouse and our total transparency approach to the future of cannabis.

Ed’s surgery journey, six weeks of healing

Sierra Mountains

Good morning. It’s been six weeks since I had the most invasive and challenging procedure of my life. I could have never fully understood the challenges that a procedure of this nature would cause in my day to day life. I want to make it very clear that my shoulder surgery has not only hopefully […]

Ed’s surgery journey, 1 week post and he is back to work

SoL Cannabis - May 2018

Well, it’s 7 days after reconstructing my right shoulder and things couldn’t be better. I was up and back to a semi normal routine after 4 days, driving after 5 days. On day 7, according to my wife “I’m my typical pain in the ass”. I have no idea how this process would have looked […]

Ed’s surgery journey, 72 hours post

cannabis after surgery

72 hours after surgery finally got to remove the dressing and see the 5  points used by the surgeon to reconnect my bicep, grind the collarbone and shoulder socket and reconnect tendons and other tissue. I spoke with the surgeon this morning as she called to ask about how cannabis was working treating my pain. […]

Ed’s surgery journey, 48 hours post

48 hrs after surgery, my pain level is still extremely high. I am consuming 20mg of cbd infused olive oil every 2-4 hrs along with ice packs and indica dominant strains. I am trying to rest as much as possible with the help of both edible and combustible cannabis. With the cbd and ice I […]