A Visual Experience! 7 Trippy Movies to Watch High

movies to watch high

Do you finally have some time off work and want a relaxing but fun experience? Then consider these movies to watch high. You’re going to find that you’ll truly appreciate these marvels of cinema – from their mind-bending plot lines to their pointless shenanigans – far more when you’re in a relaxed and fun state […]

9 Seriously Tasty Cannabis Edibles You Can Make at Home

weed edibles to make at home

If you’ve ever dabbled in the culinary arts beyond a night eating out or a cup of instant noodles, then you understand the joy and satisfaction. Making yourself a delicious meal is every bit as rewarding as the Food Channel would have you believe. But if you also happen to be somewhat of a weed […]

Weed and Music: 8 Ways Cannabis Makes Music Better

cannabis and music

From Bob Marley to Jim Morrison, Louis Armstrong to Ben Harper – ever wonder about the link between weed and music? Not just for the creative process either. Even as listeners music sounds and feels differently on weed. Different, yes, but in what way? Better, much much better. We’re not crazy, the science supports it. […]