Ed’s surgery journey, six weeks of healing

Good morning. It’s been six weeks since I had the most invasive and challenging procedure of my life. I could have never fully understood the challenges that a procedure of this nature would cause in my day to day life. I want to make it very clear that my shoulder surgery has not only hopefully corrected a 20-year-old injury but has provided enlightenment into the struggles that physically impaired individuals go through each day. For this lesson I am most humble and grateful.

I have used various methods for ingesting cannabis to deal with the pain, sleeping challenges and inflammation associated with the surgery and have avoided the narcotics prescribed to me almost 100%. I have smoked and eaten Indica dominant strains to help with pain and sleeping and chosen Sativa dominant strains to help with the mental struggles that this surgery caused. I cannot emphasize enough the frustration I have felt by being an insanely active one-armed individual who felt at times worthless and “in the way”. The lessons I have learned are those of inner and outward compassion for those who make do with whatever physical or mental abilities they posses and even above the potential physical repair to my body I am most grateful for this lesson. I have spent the last six weeks educating doctor’s, physical therapists and anyone who stopped and asked “what happened” about my beliefs related to the benefits of healing your mind and body with lab tested, regulated, legal cannabis.

In the coming weeks and months our cultivation, production and retail facilities will open to the public. My commitment to you is I will spend as much time necessary to help you make responsible and effective choices to deal with whatever comes your way in life. I am most grateful for those who have taken the time to follow along with me on my journey and look forward to helping those in need for years to come. I believe SoL Cannabis will exceed your expectations for quality, compassion and customer service. Hope to see you soon…  Gratefully Yours, Ed

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  1. Hi Ed – Just read your story. What an experience! With your professional cannabis experience, I am glad you have that as an option. Imagine all the similar folks going through such invasive surgery that don’t have access to cannabis.

    I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes for 30 years now. Suffered a torn rotator cuff snowboarding. Torn ACL from hiking of all things with my dog. But still feel very uplifted mentally, which is very hard when your bodily-function (this case your arm/shoulder) is limited. Life is short, so finding the beauty in suffering is a very empowering thing (Viktor Frankl’s “A Man’s Search for Meaning” is coming to mind right now).

    Darcy Irwin from 420IG told me that I should look you up. She had only great things to say about you, Sol, and the Dead show you both went to. I’ve been watching your Youtube for the last couple of days and would love to find a time to video-chat if you’d be willing.

    Mostly curious about cannabis as medicine, how Sol came to be (from your eyes), and learn more about you. You seem very interesting and I think I would learn a lot. If you are open to connect, what days/times work best?


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