Ed’s surgery journey, 1 week post and he is back to work

Well, it’s 7 days after reconstructing my right shoulder and things couldn’t be better. I was up and back to a semi normal routine after 4 days, driving after 5 days. On day 7, according to my wife “I’m my typical pain in the ass”. I have no idea how this process would have looked on opioids but here is a small glimpse: I was sent home with 40 pills designed to last 10 days, so I will assume that my normal routine and driving wouldn’t have been possible for at least another 3 days. I am using our award winning Indica, Grand Daddy Purple for sleep and our award winning super glue, a potent hybrid strain, during the day. I’m still in a state of discomfort but I have ZERO of the consequences of opioids. No dependency, no foggy brain, no constipation, no need to detox after the bottles empty! I am grateful that I choose to walk this path without pills and I am hopeful that others will choose to explore alternative pain management options which might include the use of lab tested, state regulated legal cannabis. I know that for many, medical cannabis conversations with healthcare providers and even loved ones can be a difficult one. I knew I’d rather have a couple of difficult conversations instead of the potential to become one of the casualties of BIG PHARMA and the pills they push.

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  1. I saw your building while driving by. Very nice, when will your store open for business? I can’t wait! Keep me posted.

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