Ed’s surgery journey, 48 hours post

48 hrs after surgery, my pain level is still extremely high. I am consuming 20mg of cbd infused olive oil every 2-4 hrs along with ice packs and indica dominant strains. I am trying to rest as much as possible with the help of both edible and combustible cannabis. With the cbd and ice I have added turmeric and other natural anti inflammatory herbal remedies in an effort to allow my body to heal. Sleep last night was challenging and as a result today I’m groggy. Amber and I went for a walk around our property, unfortunately I quickly got tired and needed to return to my comfy chair. I encourage each of you to brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand and try to do things like pull up your shorts with the use of one hand. I am getting a new found appreciation and compassion for those with limited physicality as the smallest tasks are challenging. I believe the lesson learned is to take nothing for granted and to be empathetic for everyone regardless of circumstance. If  you see a fellow human being struggling, provide assistance instead of just watching from a distance.

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  1. Hope your shoulder heals quickly. Stop trying to do “things” with your off hand. You could hurt yourself. ????

  2. Good luck on this brave journey you’re on! I have no doubt that you’ll win this one. I’m about to go on a journey as well but don’t think I’ll be as brave as you. Heal fast .

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