Ed’s surgery journey, replacing opioids with cannabis.

Over the next few days and weeks I will be keeping you informed about my progress and use of medical cannabis as a painkiller after surgery. Over the past 40 years my work hard play hard Mantra has taken a toll on my body and as result yesterday I had shoulder surgery to reattach my bicep, shave my collar bone from a previous injury, remove bone spurs from my shoulder, and reattach several tendons. This process started several months ago through consultations with a fantastic surgeon and all the while I was very honest and open with my doctors about my cannabis use. They have been very supportive and upcoming posts will provide some of their insight. I cannot reiterate strongly enough that whether you’re dealing with surgery or just day-to-day aches and pains it is very important to have an open and honest dialogue with your doctors, family, and friends about your use of marijuana. This is nothing to be ashamed, embarrassed, or fearful of as we now live in a day and age were both medical and adult use cannabis are both legal and widely accepted. I look forward to keeping you all informed of my progress. It is my intention to go through this healing process without the use of opioids, over the last 25 years I have remained pharmaceutical and alcohol-free and my intention is to continue. With that being said, I expect a slightly higher level of discomfort in treating my surgery pain with cannabis but I’m willing to sacrifice some comfort to avoid the potential for opioid abuse.#


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  1. Hope your recovery is quick and permanent. Maybe you have something that Aunt Pat’s can use for her bad hip. We will talk when I come for the tour. I am not much of a hugger especially with a guy with a bum shoulder but I wish you the best.

  2. Well I definitely want to know what strains and other things that you are doing to help the pain better. It wold be awesome to make a difference in the opiates world .Thank you for this is the research we all need to know about Cannabis. And to make others understand

  3. Get well soon. Thank you for documenting the healing with cannabis process. Let the world see that we do not need opioids to heal or make the pain go away. Heal with cannabis 🙂

  4. Get well Ed.I past by Sol, I was delighted to see your new construction.Its been 3 years since , I have been here .in the valley. I need Meds for my back pain. Looking forward to your opening. Harry Houdini.

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