Master Grower – Ed Alexander

Edward Alexander is a 4th generation Nevadan, medical and recreational cannabis activist. Ed has been a Nevada Medical Marijuana patient since 2006 producing award winning flowers grown under the full spectrum of the Nevada and California sun.
Follow Ed’s blog through the construction of the state of the art production facility and his take on modern day cannabis use and benefits.

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  1. Hello Ed
    This is Ed (Shepard) thanks for the conversation today. You told me that you will send me a link to the hiring process. I the retired educator looking for some part time work with your company.
    Thanks Ed Shepard ( Shep)

  2. Stopped by one time last summer (2019) for a quick check in the door & saw just enough to make me want to return & spend more time looking @ your products and the unique way the cannabis is grown. More likely then not, I’ll be buying a few products. Thanx

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