What Are the Best Cannabis Strains To Try During the Holidays? A Guide

Cannabis is an amazing plant that has been used for more than 5,000 years and has significant benefits for well-being. While many people use it medically, there is a growing recreational market of people enjoying cannabis simply to feel better.

This magic green plant can help to promote relaxation and stress relief in its users. However, it is important to understand the strains which you are using, so that you find the right option for your needs. Read on to learn about the best cannabis strains for this holiday season!

Charge: When You Want to Go Out and Feel Energized

Some users find their best marijuana to be a strain that gives them energy. They want to feel ready to get up and move, exercise, and go out on the town. Charge is a perfect strain for this and will get users powered up in no time.

We offer Charge cannabis strains in the delicious flavors of Iced Lemonade, NY Sour Diesel, and Scarlet Fire. During your holiday break, you will want the energy to bring your best to loved ones! Charge can be a great strain to go for a long hike, shovel the driveway, or go out dancing for the night.

This strain is Sativa, which means that it is uplifting. It awakens the user and makes them feel ready to take on the day. Sativa may be the best marijuana type for you if you are hoping for an invigorating effect that can help melt stress and anxiety away.

While Sativa is great at producing that ‘head high’ that makes you feel as if you are buzzing, stay away from these strains if you are looking for a sleepy, relaxed feeling. However, strains can affect everyone different! Consult with your budtender to understand the specific effects.

Compose: When You Want to Focus and Get Creative

Other users prefer marijuana strains that help them to focus, get in the zone, and tap into their creative energy. Compose is an ideal strain for this and helps people to get things done when they need to be in the moment. We have Compose cannabis strains in the unique flavors of Orange Creamsicle, Spiked Punch, and Guava Gelato.

The holidays can be chaotic, and you may want to tap into your focus during this crazy time. Whether you want to make music, paint a picture or bake a delectable treat, compose might be the best cannabis option for you. It is also helpful when you want to tackle big projects like putting the holiday decorations away or collaborate with others while you make the yearly gingerbread house.

This strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid, meaning that it is a cross of Sativa and Indica, with a heavier emphasis on the Sativa end. The effects experienced by the user will feel more like Sativa, creating an energized and uplifting experience.

Connect: When You Want To Solve Problems and Cruise Through Your Day

Some people enjoy cannabis strains that allow them to keep up the pace, solve problems, and feel better overall. If this sounds like you, Connect might be your go-to strain. We offer it in the yummy flavors of Sugar Cone, Big Apple, and Peanut Butter Breath.

While you are together with the family in this year’s celebrations, you may want to connect with your inner self. Keeping up the pace with family board games, solving problems like how to wrap all the gifts in time, and feeling better after a stressful day are all great uses for Connect.

This strain is an Indica Dominant Hybrid, which is a cross between Indica and Sativa with more effects of the Indica.  This allows you to relax and unwind after a long day.

Calm: When You Want To Sleep, Meditate, and Relieve Pain

The best cannabis strain for some helps them to meditate, enjoy restful sleep, and relieve aches and pains. If you are looking for these effects, Calm may be a great option. Check out the scrumptious flavors of Wedding Cake, Mint Chocolate Chip, and GMO Cookies. Check out our menu to view more flavors of Calm.

The holidays can be exhausting, and you may need to fully recharge each night to meet the next day with vigor. Soothing your body after a long day of standing, sleeping deeply after many nights of socializing, and feeling relaxed in sometimes stressful gatherings are all helpful benefits of Calm.

This marijuana strain is Indica, which is known to produce very relaxing effects. It helps to create that desired body high feeling of deep relaxation and works against insomnia. Indica is best to take as you are winding down for the day.

Are you new to the marijuana world and looking for different ways to smoke? Check out this guide to learn some Common Ways to Smoke Cannabis.

We Will Help Find the Best Cannabis Strains For You

Your friends at SoL Cannabis would love to help you discover the best cannabis strains for your needs. Our experienced budtenders will listen to your goals and provide great recommendations to help.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, and relaxed holiday season!

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