Ed’s surgery journey, 72 hours post

72 hours after surgery finally got to remove the dressing and see the 5  points used by the surgeon to reconnect my bicep, grind the collarbone and shoulder socket and reconnect tendons and other tissue. I spoke with the surgeon this morning as she called to ask about how cannabis was working treating my pain. I explained that while I’m sure pain pills would have taken away a hundred percent of the pain, I feel like cannabis is taking away 75% and is not subjecting me to the risk of opioid addiction. She had a couple additional thoughts in that through the non-use of opioids I also was not dealing with constipation or another digestion issues, lethargic behavior and short and long-term dependency issues. She plans on visiting our facility in the near future in the hopes of being able to recommend this alternative therapy to her patients.

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  1. Dang,
    Now I understand why things are at a standstill at your facility.
    Here’s hoping you’re up and functional in the near future.

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