Cannabis for Fitness: How to Fit Weed into Your New Year’s Resolution

We’ve just entered a new year, and the time has come for the age-old New Year’s resolutions. The most common resolution among adults in the US is to exercise more, and it has been for years.

Maybe you’ve been working out for a while and want to stick with it this year, or maybe you’re ready to start a new fitness journey.

Either way, you might not know that many people use cannabis for fitness. Some people use it to help maintain focus during their workouts. Others may use it to help with pain relief or soreness.

Keep reading to learn more about how cannabis can impact your fitness routine and how it might help you reach your goals.

How to Use Cannabis for Fitness

There are many different cannabis products that you can use in your workouts. From vape cartridges to edibles, you can easily find something that works for you.

The most important factor in using weed for workouts is choosing the right strain. Different strains of cannabis have different effects, so it’s important to do research and choose mindfully.

Cannabis Strains Explained

Cannabis strains are usually broken down into two main types, Indica and Sativa. Hybrid strains are also common, which have properties of both strains together.

Sativa strains have effects associated with energy, motivation, focus, and activity. They are often recommended to be used in the daytime for an extra boost.

Indica strains often have calming and relaxing effects. They can cause a “body high”, completely relaxing the body which can help improve sleep. With that, many people often seek out these strains for nighttime use.

Depending on your needs during or after your workout, either of these strains may work better for you. Generally, though, most people tend to use Sativa strains for a boost while exercising.

Choosing Your Dose

Once you’ve chosen the right strain for you, another thing to consider is your dose. Too little may not enhance your workout experience as much as you’d like. But too much might cause your body to feel heavy and your mind to race.

It’s always best to start with a low dose and build it up as needed. You can always use more, but you can’t reverse your dose if you’ve had too much too fast.

Of course, your high won’t last forever, either. But taking a low-dose edible or a hit or two from a low-THC or CBD vape pen can be a good place to start.

Increase Your Motivation

One benefit to using cannabis for fitness workouts is that it can increase your motivation. We’ve all struggled to get through our weekly workout schedule, getting bored of doing the same things all the time.

Many cannabis users have reported that consumption makes mundane tasks seem like an adventure. Cannabinoids send signals to the brain when we consume cannabis, releasing dopamine and other “happy chemicals”.

Using cannabis during your workout might actually make those dreaded squats kind of enjoyable — who would’ve thought? This has the potential to transform your diet and exercise routine.

Not only can your workout become more enjoyable, but you also may not feel the discomfort during the workout as intensely as normal.

Many users have reported easily getting in the zone during a long walk or run, keeping them engaged and focused the entire time.

Relief for Soreness and Inflammation

Another popular benefit among cannabis users is reduced soreness and inflammation. You may see these benefits after your workout or even during the workout.

If you aren’t looking to use products with THC (which gives psychoactive effects), CBD is also a great option for symptoms associated with pain. It’s usually offered in topical creams, tinctures, edibles, and more.

This is a great alternative if you’re an athlete, as THC is banned during athletic performance. Not to worry, though — you still have a chance to reap these benefits.

If you use CBD for injuries between workouts, you might notice reduced stiffness and soreness that you usually experience. This can ensure that you’re always performing at your best.

Many athletes have reported the healing benefits of using CBD after injuries. They report trying it as an alternative treatment to prescription painkillers, which can become highly addictive.

CBD products are much less likely to become as addictive and have the potential to be just as effective as strong pain medications.

Stress Relief and Mental Clarity

If you regularly use low doses of cannabis products, you might notice significant stress relief and more mental clarity.

Especially if you’re new to working out or just joined a gym, exercising can be very overwhelming. It’s common for anyone working out in a new setting to worry that people may be staring or judging.

Using cannabis can take some of that stress away and let you work out as if no one else is there. You might discover new reasons to love your workouts and encourage you to keep going back.

Many people have the mindset of working out to change their bodies, lose weight, and even punish themselves. But using cannabis can make this a much more enjoyable experience.

You’re way more likely to stick with a type of exercise that you truly enjoy, rather than constantly punishing yourself with workouts that you dread each day.

When you use cannabis for fitness, your entire mindset about exercising and wellness could change. This powerful tool can help you find movement that you enjoy, all while staying happy and healthy

Taking Your Fitness Routine to New Heights

Your access to cannabis products depends on where you live and the legal status of certain products. Some states have fully legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use.

Yet, some other states still have not legalized medical marijuana. But if you’re around the Reno, Sparks, Carson City, or Incline Village areas, we’re happy to serve you.

If you’re interested in cannabis for fitness and want to learn more about the products we offer, visit our online store menu today. There’s something for everyone, and we hope to see you soon.

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