What Is Dabbing? How to Medicate with Cannabis Concentrate

There are all sorts of ways to ingest cannabis, from smoking joints to eating edibles and more. But if you want to get the most extreme high in the quickest way possible, you have to smoke dabs.

What is a dab, you ask? What is dabbing?

Below, we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about dabbing, from what dabs are to how to smoke them and more.

Let’s go!

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the process of smoking vaporized cannabis concentrate with the use of a dabbing tool. The concentrate comes in a wax form and is heated to extremely high temperatures.

When compared to other marijuana ingestion methods, dabbing is rather intense. As such, it’s best avoided by those who are new to experimenting with THC. In other words, dabbing should be left to the experienced stoners out there.

The Pros and Cons of Dabbing Cannabis

Dabbing is beneficial in a number of ways. That said, it has some downsides as well. We’ll review both below.

The Pros

The biggest benefit of dabbing is that enables you to get high very quickly. In fact, if you’re never done dabs before, you’ll likely get high after your first hit. This is because cannabis concentrate is extremely potent, and so ingesting even a small amount will provide you with extreme effects.

But that isn’t the only positive characteristic of dabbing cannabis. In addition, it’s an exceedingly economical way to get high. In other words, it gets you high for cheaper than do joints, edibles, and other cannabis products.

Another big benefit of dabbing is that it’s essentially scentless. Unlike smoking joints (which release a pungent and easily recognizable odor), dabbing doesn’t release much of an odor at all. This makes dabbing great for those who live in apartment buildings, as they can go undetected in their cannabis use.

Finally, cannabis concentrate is small and easy to store. As such, it can be taken from place to place discreetly.

The Cons

The primary con of dabbing is also the primary pro of dabbing. Namely, it gets you really high really quickly. While this can be a good thing for the seasoned marijuana enthusiast, it can be completely overwhelming for those with little marijuana experience.

In fact, even those who are experienced with marijuana usage can struggle with dabs, especially when they first get started with them. Not only can they experience anxiety, but paranoia as well.

In some cases, there can be negative physical effects as well. This is particularly true in cases where the cannabis concentrate was made using questionable ingredients. Some of these ingredients, when ignited, can become carcinogens, thus potentially leading to negative health outcomes down the line.

As such, it’s best to avoid making concentrate wax on your own. In other words, you should leave the science to the professionals.

Equipment Needed for Dabbing

In order to do dabs, you must have the right equipment. This equipment includes the following.

Dab Rig

The most important piece of equipment for dabbing is the dab rig. This is a small pipe-like entity that’s made out of glass. It filters the vaporized cannabis concentrate, allowing you to inhale it with smoothness and consistency.

You can find dab rigs for between $35 and $100. They’re available online and at many dispensaries across the country.


Another vital piece of equipment needed for dabbing is a nail. No, we’re not talking about something you drive through a piece of wood. We’re talking about an entity that connects to the dab rig and which is heated to extreme temperatures.

Nails are made in everything from metal to glass to quarts and more. Note, the size of your nail is dependent on the size of your rig.


A dabber is simply a rod upon which you hold the cannabis concentrate. After sticking the concentrate to the end of the dabber, you place it up against the nail until the concentrate vaporizes. Dabbers are made out of a number of materials, including glass, metal, ceramic, and more.


As we’ve stated, in order to do dabs, you must produce extreme heat. As such, you need to have a torch on hand. Butane torches are the most commonly used, and they come in a variety of sizes.

Note, these days, there is also the option to use an E-nail. This is a nail that’s connected to an electrically-driven power box. It removes the need for an open flame and thus is safer and more convenient to use.

How Do You Medicate with Concentrates?

Once you’ve gathered the necessary equipment, you can start dabbing. To do so, place a bit of cannabis concentrate on the end of your dabber tool. Then, connect the nail to your dab rig and heat it using your torch.

You’ll need to heat the nail for between 20 and 30 seconds. If you heat it for too long, you can release unhealthy substances. To test this, place your wrist just over the nail and see whether you can feel the heat; if you can, you need to wait until it’s diminished.

Next, put your mouth up against the pipe portion of your dab rig. Then, touch the cannabis concentrate up against the heated nail. This should produce vapor, thus allowing it to pass through the rig.

As the vapor is passing through, inhale, all the while rotating the dabber so that every bit of the concentrate becomes vaporized. Make sure to inhale until the concentrate is gone, in order to receive the strongest effects.

And that’s about it. When you first start, you’re bound to cough a bit. Over time, however, you’ll grow used to the practice and likely start to enjoy it.

Looking to Start Dabbing?

Now that you have an answer to the question of, “What is dabbing?”, you might be ready to start dabbing yourself. If so, you’re in the right place. Sol Cannabis has all of the supplies needed to get you started.

Check out our list of cannabis concentrates and stop in to see our available dabbing rigs and supplies today!


Keep out of reach of children.  For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.  Marijuana is legal under Nevada law; however it is prohibited under federal law.

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  1. After many years of experience, my bf has recently gotten into dabbing. I am concerned as he has now developed a super dry, very troublesome cough. I have no doubt it is from dabbing as it only starts after he dabs. Do you sell, or can you recommend a product that will alleviate this dry throat or are cough drops the only answer?

  2. What are the specifications of a dab rig? I just got a bong but I was wondering if I could use it to smoke budder or badder.

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