9 Seriously Tasty Cannabis Edibles You Can Make at Home

If you’ve ever dabbled in the culinary arts beyond a night eating out or a cup of instant noodles, then you understand the joy and satisfaction.

Making yourself a delicious meal is every bit as rewarding as the Food Channel would have you believe. But if you also happen to be somewhat of a weed aficionado, then we’ve got some exciting weed edibles for you to try today!

We’re not just talking brownies either (but, hey, they might make an appearance anyway). Let’s explore some of the best cuisines your bud has ever met.

Why Cannabis Edibles?

Before we start looking at how to make edibles, let’s talk for a bit about why you might want to consider them in the first place.

You may have tried it all – blunts, oils, vape pens, etc. – but there’s just something a little special about edibles. In particular, weed edibles make for a longer lasting and more relaxing experience.

When you eat a pot edible, it takes longer to absorb, but when it does, it hits differently than other forms. Most notably, by eating cannabis-infused meals, it means it will pass through your liver.

Smoking or vaping marijuana goes straight to the brain, which is why the high happens so fast (relatively speaking). But eating an edible forces your liver to metabolize delta-9 THC into 11-hydroxy-THC, which hits quicker and harder.

So, while it may take a tad bit longer, the experience of an edible will be deeper and more relaxing than others.

To top it off, it’s never a bad thing to cook for yourself! Cooking is psychologically healthy and economically sound.

The Importance of Decarboxylation

We’ll make this quick, but there’s one more note to make before we get to the edible recipes.

For almost all weed edibles, you need to decarboxylate your bud. Basically, this means you need to cook it at about 215 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Long story short: it will make your weed more potent in an edible. Otherwise, consuming weed in this way won’t have very much of an effect at all.  

Tasty Edible Recipes

For anyone that likes to indulge in some flower, you know it can make so many things, such as music, extra enticing. It also happens to give us a case of the munchies, especially if you’re a late-night partaker.

We’re willing to bet you’re no stranger to the midnight snack.

If you’ve been wondering how to make weed edibles, then we got some top recipes to try out here.

1. Cannabutter

This is a great one to start out with because it can be the building block for almost anything. Unless you’re vegan, butter is in more foods than you probably know.

Here’s how to make it:

  • Melt butter in a saucepan (add a little water to keep from burning)
  • Add your ground, decarboxylated weed and simmer for 2-3 hours
  • Strain the butter into a jar (for example, you can use a funnel with cheesecloth to catch the ground-up weed)
  • Refrigerate jar of cannabutter!

You now have a perfect ingredient for many edible recipes!

2. Weed Bacon

The bacon craze may have calmed down a bit in recent years, but it’s doubtful the salty treat will ever be completely out of style.

To make your own weed bacon, simply sprinkle ground, decarboxylated flower on one side of each bacon slice. Bake at 275 degrees Fahrenheit and flip after about 10 minutes.

Sprinkle the second side and repeat for another 10 minutes.

Fun fact: You’ve now got cannabis-infused bacon grease leftover to use in other dishes!

3. Cannaoil

Cannaoil can be another foundation of many different recipes. Here’s how to make that:

  • Combine an ounce of ground, decarboxylated bud to 2 cups of oil (coconut, vegetable, etc.)
  • Heat for at least six hours or more without boiling
  • Use some water to keep from burning
  • Strain the oil from the ground-up bud

This weed-infused oil could be the perfect combination for an oil-based salad dressing.

4. Bud Brownies

You knew it would end up here. It’s a classic for a reason.

Let’s take your newfound experience with cannaoil (see #3) to make some bud brownies. Simply use eggs, water, and your cannaoil and mix in with your favorite brownie mix.

Line it up on a cookie sheet and bake at 330 degrees Fahrenheit for about half an hour.

5. Marijuana Ice Cream

Sometimes, baked goods just don’t do the trick, and you need a cold and refreshing treat.

Weed ice cream is surprisingly easy to make and you can dress it up however you like. To make this, do the following:

  • Melt about 16 ounces of heavy cream in a saucepan at about medium temperature
  • Melt your cannabutter (see #1) and add sugar
  • Mix together and add whatever you want (fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, etc.)
  • Freeze overnight

If you make enough, you might have a freezing sweet treat for multiple nights to come.

6. Cannabis Tea

There’s nothing quite like a warm cup of cannabis tea to start your day off right. This one is pretty simple and easy, so you should have no trouble getting this one off the ground.

Brew up your favorite tea – whatever it may be – add about a teaspoon of your cannabutter (see #1) and sweeten with milk, honey, and/or sugar.

7. Weed Milk

Heat your milk in a saucepan over medium-to-low heat. Add ground, decarboxylated weed and heat for about 45 minutes.

Remove the concoction from the stove and let sit for about 10 minutes. Strain the milk from the ground-up weed (again, you can use something like a strainer or a sieve with a cheesecloth).

Refrigerate your weed milk, and you now have a prime weed edible to add to your breakfast cereal!

Enjoying Your Cannabis Journey Through Edibles

People say that weed tends to make everything better: music, games, certain late-night extracurricular activities, and yes, even food.

It’s time to take that pairing one step further and make your own weed edibles to enjoy day in and day out. There are a few options, such as cannaoil and cannabutter, which make just about any meal a weed-infused delight.

If you’re interested in edibles but just not keen on cooking, check out our in-store menu to see what edibles we have in stock!


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  1. This my first time making an edible??I’m not good on baking so I hope it turns out right having to stay in the house is very stressful the smoke I don’t prefer but I love eating

    1. Grab a box cake mix and use 2 large eggs, 1/2 of canna budder. Mix and scoop out about 1 1/2 Tbls per cookie. Bake 11-13 mins at 350°. Don’t use any directions on the box.

  2. Hi…thanks for the recipes. Wondering if you can tell me what the right amount of cannaoil is to use for a particular serving size? If a recipe for 1 pan of brownies calls for 4 oz of butter, would I use 4 oz of the cannaoil? Or would that make them too potent?


    1. When i make brownies myself. I prefer to use butter over oil because i feel like the thc sticks to butter better. I particularly use 1/2oz to oz of good flower to 2 sticks of salted butter. Makes them pretty stought. Decarb flower,let simmer in butter for bout 1hr 45 mins(longer the steonger)

      1. I used Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix.
        Bake in 13” x 9” pan
        2/3 Cup Canna Oil.
        I used an Ardent FX decarbox

    1. Absolutely, I work in a dispensary that rolls our own and that’s all we use to grind our weed is coffee grinders

  3. I’ve tried many of these recipes and enjoyed with my family. Thank you so much for the recipes♥. Besides these, I’ve tried one more mouthwatering recipes. It was: “marijuana pizza” recipe from Marijuana Span. And I’ll be waiting for more amazing recipes from you…Keep Posting!!

  4. Thanks for the ingredients, I will be trying the weed brownie recipe this weekend. I’m tryna b lit for my bday. An since it’s not much to do might well do my 2 favorite things. Getting high while eating chocolate.

  5. There’s some great information here. My question is when cooking edibles is it ok to do it around people who don’t want cannabis in their system? I’m thinking it’s just like cooking with any other herb.

    1. My daughter has done infused cooking for several years. I never knew until she told me, so… Apparently unnoticeable.

      I assume the decarb process would be
      nose-itable though.

  6. Best home edible recipe? Caramels! You will need an ounce or two to make good cannabutter, but for us on the green West Coast with friends with gardens in Oregon, that is no issue. The cook recommends using a sativa/indica blend strain for making cannabutter. A good utility ingredient.

    Caramello Atomica
    This recipe is for pot-infused caramels. The result is a nice supply of caramel squares wrapped in wax paper that can be transported and eaten discreetly. These can be stored for months in a freezer, then warmed and eaten or used as a sweetener in coffee or tea. These are highly recommended for those who wish to partake of cannabis but for various reasons, need to be very discreet and cannot or will not smoke weed. Relaxing, soothing, very effective. The effects float in around 45 min. to an hour after ingesting and gently ramp up and help while away 3 to 5 hours. Light stoneover in the morning.

    1 cup cannabutter (take your time, read up, cook with some good product, and craft a supply of cannabutter. Many recipes for this staple for pot cookery)
    1 cup packed brown sugar
    2 cups of heavy cream
    1 can of sweetened condensed milk
    1 cup of dark corn syrup (Karo works great)
    2 cups granulated white sugar
    2 tablespoons of vanilla
    Optional: 1 cup chopped nuts, and/or 1/3 cup of good quality high percentage cacao chocolate chips
    Candy thermometer. Easy to read thermometers that clip onto the side of a pan work well. Check out the location of the mark for 250 degrees (F) before beginning.
    9 x 13 baking dish. A glass baking dish or metal baking dish both work. The baking dish is used to pour the caramel mix into for cooling. Coat the bottom of the baking dish with a light coating of olive oil. (Spray olive oil works well.)
    Deep sauce pan. We use an old 6 quart Revere Ware sauce pan for caramels. You may prefer a sauce pan with a heavier construction. Note that cleanup is sometime an issue and you may not want to use your best cookware for this recipe. The mix tends to splatter as it bubbles at high heat, so the sides of the pan should be tall enough to catch the splatter, but shallow enough to allow the thermometer’s use. You may want to clip the thermometer onto the pan and leave it there while you stir the mix.

    Get busy!
    All the ingredients except the vanilla, nuts and chocolate go into the big sauce pan cold. (To get all the cannabutter out of its storage container, microwave the cannabutter to liquefy it before pouring it into the rest of the ingredients).
    Mix well and constantly while heating on medium-high heat until everything is completely blended into a gooey liquid. As the temperature increases, stir frequently to keep any of the sugars from charring on the bottom of the pan. The mixture will bubble and splatter drops of hot caramel. Heat until the thermometer reaches 250 degrees, then remove from the heat and mix in the vanilla, nuts (optional) and chocolate chips (optional). Stir until everything is mixed in (and the chocolate is melted) and pour into the baking pan to cool.
    While cleaning up you will be tempted to lick the spoons, spatula and nibble remnants left in the pan. Remember that these sweet bits are infused with concentrated THC and that the more you eat the higher you will be in about an hour or so. Be careful.
    Let the pan full of caramels cool. You can lightly cover and refrigerate or freeze the pan overnight, which cools the caramels enough to keep them solid for cutting and wrapping. When the caramels are cool and solid, cut into squares and wrap each piece in wax paper. From a 9 x 13 baking pan, this recipe will easily yield 48 caramels. The total can be more or less depending on how large or small you wish to cut your candy. Store the caramels in the refrigerator or freezer. If frozen these will last indefinitely.
    If you are cooking the first batch of caramels made using a new batch of cannabutter, you need to do some testing so you know the potency of your product. For amateur cooks, diferent batches of cannabutter can have MUCH different potencies. Unless you have a lab set up to test for THC concentration, this means you or an informed assistant need to test a caramel. You might want to eat a caramel, or dissolve one for sipping in a hot cup of coffee or tea. You will be able to gage the potency and have a bit of “test flight” experience to inform your advice to others when you share your caramels.

    Remember that this is definitely an informed adult treat. Be responsible (at least until the edibles kick in). Never let someone eat one of your caramels not knowing what it is. Make sure your pets don’t scarf spilled cannabutter or splattered caramel and please always keep these out of sight from children and locked up from teenagers.

    1. You are so awesome! Thank you for generously providing a complete recipe, including an ingredient list AND full instructions. If you’re able to pass along a good recipe for cannabutter, that would be swell. My BF, who is a recovering alcoholic, appears to be developing bronchitis from smoking cannabis, so edibles will be a better way of delivering the THC to his system. This recipe is ideal, as I’ve been making my own candy for about a year. (And yes, I know that recovering alcoholics should NOT indulge in cannabis, yet he’s a high-functioning alcoholic who managed to run a small gourmet lasagna company in southern Ontario almost single-handedly for eleven years.)

  7. How did this end up being a great read but not at all what I thought it would be lol and title says 9 recipes but there are only 7

  8. Just want to say really appreciate the recipe I’ve always liked them a meal like to put air and smoke too but there’s just something to edibles I just makes things happier, funnier, extraordinary! Maybe depending on strain if u become “SPACE CODIT!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAAH

  9. Just want to say really appreciate the recipe I’ve always liked them a meal like to put air and smoke too but there’s just something to edibles I just makes things happier, funnier, extraordinary! Maybe depending on strain if u become “SPACE CODIT!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAAH and actually In the process right now

  10. In reading the comments, lots of people use a lot of question marks where they don’t even belong or make any sense. Are you high? ?

  11. Okay, so I’ve been cooking with cannabis for years and never head of weed bacon! You have combined two of the best things on earth! I’m interested to know how strong the bacon would end up being. I’m kind of a lightweight when it comes to edibles. I must try this and find out if I could handle more than a quarter of a strip! ??

  12. This whole decarbing thing is interesting. I’m def going to try it next time but Ixve been making cannabutter for 3 decades and have never decarbed, and I have plenty of people who will tell you my cookies melt people into couches for hours. I want to experiment to see if maybe I can use less to make the same amount of butter but I’m skeptical. I use 1lb of butter with 3/4oz of bud (now i make it with my byproduct of vaping and it works just the same). Sometimes I’ll use a full oz but never really notice a difference. Just posting here for those who think you have to decarb…you don’t.

    1. I actually used to make my cannabutter without decarbing, but just recently did so with decarbed weed. The difference is significant! I’ll never go back to skipping that step again. I decarbed and then put weed, butter, and water in my crockpot. Let it go low, overnight. Strained the next morning, and ended up with a good product! My ratio for this batch of cannabutter was 12 g bud, 2 sticks butter, 1C water. Outcome was approx. 7 oz. cannabutter. I did not discard the strained-out weed, and have been using that in meal prep – with interesting results.

  13. Hell yeah, just think how great a BLT sandwich would be!!! Babababacon!!!!!! Kick ass way to infuse THC into the bacon. Plus I love pouring bacon grease over a baked potato, and bacon bits on salad. Thanks man

  14. I bought an infushion 420 & i love it..1st time doing this turned out great..you put your decarbed weed in & your butter press a button & in 2 hrs you have have your cannibutter so much easier $125 well worth it gives you gloves,spacial 3, 2cup like with cheese cloth bottom tray for your butter to into,cook book you can do 2 cups or more..i got cookie dough mix you put 1 stick if cannibutter..works great. The balls are 1tbs makes 18..i get off 4-5 times on 1 cookie i smoke alot..love it

  15. I am just getting started with this side of cannabis and looks like I have so many recipes to try. I think I am going to try marijuana ice cream. I hope it turns out well. Thanks

  16. Why can’t you use the strained flower in yr cookies? I made cookies a few times now and I cooked a quarter of pot in a cup of water for about 25 mins then melted 2 sticks of butter and cooked for another 30 mins and made the best chocolate coffee cookies ever weed and all

    1. I have made brownies with ground, decarboxylated weed. Unfortunately I made them way too strong and it wasn’t good. I’m going to try again using just a quarter cup of ground weed (not the best weed unfortunately) in a regular brownie mix.

  17. I decarb in a glass mason jar at 250* for 1 1/2 hrs shaking every 30 mins. Then oven off for 30 more mins. I sample about a half gram and wait. It’s usually great, but I like to be sure before I use multiple grams.

    I do my best to split a box mix in half, 1 egg, 1/4 cup oil. I like to soak decarb crumbles in the liquid version of coconut oil overnight. Once everything is mixed, I sprinkle and fold in more decarb bud till I’m satisfied and bake. Tbh, I don’t wanna stand over that stove another 2 hours emulsifying oil. I cut the square half-box cake into 3 rows of 4, so a dozen. Two usually hook me up for 4-5 hours and I can make a fresh batch next weekend. When cake runs out, firecrackers.

    A lot of pals fill decarb in gel capsules, 1 micro or 2 standard. Eventually, I’d like to compare loose canna decarb in a tea bag vs canna-infused coconut oil in same bag of tea.

    For me, the edible lasts twice as long as the smoke. I find myself smoking much less after eating some. If I’m out, I’m chill. If I’m home, I likely sleep. It’s quite relaxing for me either way. I mean, I wouldn’t do it on a regular workday, but my weekends and evenings are mine.

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