7 Stoner Albums to Vibe to With Your Best Buds

We’re lovers of great music here at SoL, so we’ve compiled a smokin’ list of seven stoner albums that will have you feeling the vibe either on your own or with your best buds. Check it out and then drop us a comment with your own recommendations below!

There are two things that can help take your smoking session to the next level — great movies to watch and excellent music to listen to.

If you are looking for the latter, there have been several albums in all different genres released throughout the years that hit all of the right notes. By looking for albums that capture a certain vibe, you’ll enhance your high and appreciate life.

Smoking cannabis is a spiritual experience that touches on all of the senses, so you owe it to yourself to stock up on the right music.

Here are some great stoner albums that you should check out.

1. Devin the Dude – Just Tryin’ ta Live

Devin the Dude has made an entire career putting out top-quality stoner rap. His 2002 offering “Just Tryin’ ta Live” is another notch in his discography, and is considered by many fans to be his best album of all.

In addition to excellent production from Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Raphael Sadiiq, David Banner, and Devin the Dude himself, the funky vibes are unlimited. On the album, Devin raps every man tales with the adeptness and smooth lyrical prowess that he’s known for, and of course, talks about his favorite subject of all — good weed.

Look into the best cannabis strains available when you’re ready to load up some music.

2. Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

If you want to throw on some vinyl records, Miles Davis is an artist you can’t go wrong with.

In the 2000s, you might not associate weed with jazz. However, jazz in its purest form has been historically soulful, progressive, and provocative. Miles Davis is a godfather in the genre, and “Bitches Brew” is the most experimental of his catalog.

This album throws structure and norms out of the window and is a mind-bending, expressive option that you will definitely want to own and listen to during your smoke sessions.

3. Funkadelic – Free Your Mind… And Your Ass Will Follow

Free your mind and your ass will follow… The kingdom of heaven is within!

These are the first lyrics that blare through the speakers when you throw on this album from the legendary group Funkadelic. From there, it’s an eclectic journey of sound and expression that touches on everything from spirituality and living in the moment to the ills of consumerism.

It’s a trippy experience that only George Clinton can deliver. Clinton even said that the goal for the album was to see what they could come up with tripping on acid during the entire recording process — so this tells you everything you need to know.

4. DJ Shadow – Endtroducing…..

DJ Shadow’s “Endtroducing…” is widely considered the best instrumental album of all time. It’s hip hop at its core, but mixes in samples music from just about every genre you can think of.

The album took two years to make, and the process involved sampling vinyl records on the MPC sampler. It features thirteen tracks and loads of verbal samples. Reviewers have given this album 5 stars across the board, and it is hailed as one of the best of its kind.

5. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

“Dark Side of the Moon” is the most famous offering from Pink Floyd due in large part to the edgy and groundbreaking sounds. The music is haunting, to the point that several conspiracy theories have come out about it.

Perhaps the most famous conspiracy theory involves the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” People for decades have said that if you sync the beginning of the album with the movie, the mood and lyrics correlate to everything happening in the film.

You will appreciate the dark vibes of this album, in addition to the experimentation and genre-pushing that it provides.

6. Black Keys – Magic Potion

When it comes to stoner rock, Magic Potion makes the list as one of the best offerings in modern history. The dark, soulful funk that the Black Keys provide makes it a classic in its own right.

It’s considered by fans to be their best album, and you’ll appreciate every part of this experience, down to the cover art. In addition to songs that you can zone out to, you’ll also love the album’s lyrics and every part of the expression that they provide.

7. Wiz Khalifa – Kush & Orange Juice

While Wiz is an incredible rapper, his biggest contribution comes in building on the subgenre of stoner rap. He built his following and brand on his love of cannabis, and his Kush & Orange Juice mixtape is the body of work that put him on the map.

The mixtape features production from Cardo, Big K.R.I.T., and other heavy hitters, along with 20 tracks of quality lyrics and stoner vibes. Wiz has put out lots of other quality albums and mixtapes over the years, but fans always come back to Kush & Orange Juice when they want to recapture this amazing moment in time.

Check Out These Stoner Albums

Add these stoner albums to your list so that you have something to listen to during your next smoke session. No matter what sort of weed or music you like, the notes on the albums above will resonate with you.

Take the time to find them on your favorite streaming service, or even better, grab a vinyl copy and throw it on the next time you intend to smoke.

When you’re ready, we’re happy to sell you some buds that will go perfect with any of these albums. Check out our menu to place an online order and stop by to see us in person.

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