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Nevada Marijuana Laws
Cannabis in Nevada

A Tourist’s Guide to Nevada Marijuana Laws

Are you planning a trip to Nevada? Nevada has become a state well known for its expansive public lands, amazing outdoor recreation and non-stop entertainment. Now, Nevada has also become

Sierra Mountains
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Ed’s surgery journey, six weeks of healing

Good morning. It’s been six weeks since I had the most invasive and challenging procedure of my life. I could have never fully understood the challenges that a procedure of

cannabis after surgery
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Ed’s surgery journey, 72 hours post

72 hours after surgery finally got to remove the dressing and see the 5  points used by the surgeon to reconnect my bicep, grind the collarbone and shoulder socket and

Ed’s surgery journey, 48 hours post

48 hrs after surgery, my pain level is still extremely high. I am consuming 20mg of cbd infused olive oil every 2-4 hrs along with ice packs and indica dominant

cannabis technology
SoL Facilities

State Of The Art

Ed talks about SoL’s state of the art environmental controls.