A Tourist’s Guide to Nevada Marijuana Laws

Are you planning a trip to Nevada?

Nevada has become a state well known for its expansive public lands, amazing outdoor recreation and non-stop entertainment. Now, Nevada has also become the fifth state in America to legalize recreational marijuana.  

Not only has this been of interest to residents, but it’s also attracting tourists from all over the globe. Before you book your plane tickets and begin the celebrations, it’s essential to understand the associated laws.

Because the legalities surrounding marijuana are constantly evolving, it’s essential to stay current. Without understanding of these laws, it’s still possible to get in trouble with the authorities for misuse.

If you’re considering a trip to Nevada, you’re going to want to read this. We’ve created a simplified guide to the most recent Nevada marijuana laws.

Roll On!

For tourists and residents alike, all marijuana enthusiasts can sit back and enjoy an oh-so-legal toke in Nevada.

Yes, you heard that right! On January 1st, 2017, recreational marijuana became legal for purchase and usage in the State of Nevada.

Who Can Purchase?

Today, both Nevada residents and tourists can legally purchase marijuana.

So long as the individual is over the age of 21 and presents valid government ID, that person is legally eligible to purchase. That’s it!

For tourists, this means that anyone meeting the age criteria is free to purchase marijuana legally. This is the case regardless of that individual’s country or state of origin and the rules regarding marijuana in that location.

How Much Can You Purchase?

In the state of Nevada, an individual is able to purchase one ounce of marijuana or 3.5 grams of concentrate at one time. This same rule applies to how much an individual is legally allowed to possess at any given time.

Where Can You Purchase?

In order to legally purchase marijuana, individuals must make their purchases through state-licensed stores called dispensaries.

One major perk in having in having the product regulated is the level of service that is associated with the experience. In these legal dispensaries, the staff is trained to assist customers in locating and discovering which strains are best suited to the occasion. Many dispensaries are complete with a cannabis menu that explains the different strands and what users can expect from that strand.

Any marijuana purchased outside of these stores is deemed illegal and penalties may apply.

Where Can You Smoke?

Before you light up, it’s important to understand that there are restrictions on where marijuana can legally be consumed.

In simple terms, it is illegal to use marijuana in any public space. This means that as exciting as marijuana legalization may feel, those planning to spark up a joint certainly won’t be doing so in downtown.

By law, individuals are only allowed to consume marijuana in private residences. While you may smoke on a porch and in the backyard, it’s illegal to smoke on common areas such as the sidewalk or on the street.

For now, those looking to forward to the taste of a legal joint are best to do so inside the comforts of a private residence.

Driving and Usage  

As with any substance that has to power to alter the mind and body, there are limitations for usage.

Individuals under the influence of marijuana are not legally able to operate a car. Regardless of the amount of marijuana found in your system, this is an illegal act. If an individual is found guilty of doing so, it may result in a fine or even jail time.

So if you plan to enjoy that Black Cherry Soda or Forbidden Fruit, make sure you have a designated driver.  

Home Growing

While it is possible to grow at home, tourists are not likely to see some homegrown marijuana throughout their stay in Nevada.

For personal consumption, those over the age of 21 are legally able to grow marijuana plants at home. However, this is only the case for those that are over 25 miles away from a licensed marijuana dispensary.

Other restrictions include a maximum of six plants per person, the plant not being outwardly visible from a public place and you have to have a security device protecting the growing operation.

Nevada Marijuana Laws

If you’re planning a trip to Nevada, you can look forward to an evening’s toke as long as you follow these laws. For the near 40 million tourists that flock to Las Vegas and over 5 million to Reno-Tahoe each and every year, these Nevada marijuana laws are certainly crucial to be aware of.

We invite you to grab a travel guide and come see what our great state has to offer. We know you will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, and that is only partly due to the great cannabis you can consume here!

To learn more about legal marijuana in Nevada, check out more of our blog posts!

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  1. Thank you for the info. I’m a responsible user. Adult toys for adults. I only indulge in my bedroom, never infront of me grandchildren or any young adult even. So I’m grateful for your laws. They are just and thank you for the privilage. Ps. I don’t even smoke cigs in my truck. I’m a former class A truck driver and hold myself to a higher standard. I’ll never break any laws.

  2. So if you are a tourist.. Where can you smoke and it legal… Im staying at the MGM Grande… Where is smoking legal to smoke for the tourist.

    1. It isn’t illegal unless you get caught…carry what you will consume in the moment, if the moment comes you have to “ingest” it, rest assured your salivary glands will accomodate you.

    2. In essence, you beat it if you eat it, now don’t fight it, light it and free yourself from the stupidity that archaic law actually is.

  3. Its bullshit. You van only consume in PRIVATE residents and NOT hotel rooms. So just where are the 5 million and 40 million marijuana TOURIST supposed to consume? Sounds like Nevada is going to be making LOTSA LOTSA more on tourists via tickets court fines court fees stupid pot dUis. Just LOOK at whats illegal now add tourist. Ahhh. Forgo that shit and just go to cali or oregon. Cant ppl see the scam going on here? Smfh

  4. How much can a medical patient purchase most stores only let me purchase an oz but there’s a couple that will allow me to buy 2.5oz? Which is it?

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