A Beginner’s Guide to Common Ways to Smoke Cannabis

Humans have been smoking weed as long as 2500 years ago, and thus, ways to smoke cannabis have had time to evolve and solidify over the years. If you are new to smoking cannabis, it can be confusing to know which method to try or to learn different ways to smoke. You may not even know where to start.

No matter where you start, you should come in open-minded. It’s easy to find a good way to smoke and stick with it. Once you start breaking down the barriers of your routine, you can start to experience and experiment with other ways to smoke, allowing for a more fun and enriching experience (not to mention you’ll get some fun stories out of it).

To help you get started, we have comprised a list of the most common ways to smoke weed nowadays. Welcome to the beginner’s guide to the common ways to smoke cannabis.


Even if you are brand new to the scene, you probably already know about pipes. These are seen in media all the time are generally the base tool or go-to when smoking.

With pipes, you simply grind up your weed and pack it in.  Make sure you have a finger on the hole in the side of the bowl and then light and inhale. Take your finger off, inhale a little more, and then let it out when you’re ready.

Pipes are great for group settings and travel. You can pass it around with friends and, generally speaking, everyone will know how to use it. When traveling, pipes are easily concealable and portable.


One-hitters are a type of pipe and are exactly as they seem. You pack it and clear it in one hit.

One-hitters are great for when you’re trying to conserve weed, or you just need a quick boost before you carry on with your day. They’re also incredibly concealable as they’re small and compact. You can even find one-hitters that look like cigarettes.

Bongs and Bubblers

Bongs are a favorite amongst the cannabis community for several reasons. The first of these reasons is simple: bongs get you really high. While they do get you as high as a kite, bongs tend to go faster than a pipe.

Like most pieces, bongs are very personal for the owner, and luckily, of all the ways to smoke, bongs have the most diversity. You can go to any smoke shop and find an incredible selection of brilliantly designed bongs that are sure to blow you away.

Bongs also require maintenance like changing the water and deep cleaning the piece, but the fun is worth the work.

Joints and Blunts

Joints and blunts are another among the classics and some even swear it’s the best way to smoke cannabis. They’re pretty convenient as you can take them wherever you go, and they’re also pretty easy to conceal if need be.

What turns a lot of people away from joints and blunts is the difficulty level of rolling. Rolling is a skill that takes to time to get good at. The first time you sit down and try to roll, you likely won’t succeed, so it’s good to find friends and sources that can help you practice. All that being said, you can still get high from an ugly joint!

Most dispensaries, like Sol Cannabis, sell joints. You can likely find them with any of the dispensary’s available strains and you don’t even have to do the work! That’s right, typically, dispensaries will have prerolls, so you can just buy it and smoke.


Dabs are a more advanced way to smoke. Dabs are basically concentrated doses of cannabis. These things can send you to the moon.

It’s common for many people to just take some dabs and mix them in with flower in a bowl or bong. If you are hanging out with more experienced smokers, you’re likely to encounter a dab rig which is just a specific way to smoke dabs. It is very important to watch how many dabs you’re smoking because you can get too high and may experience some side effects like temporary psychosis.

Dab Pens

In the new age, weed technology brought us one of the greatest things: dab pens. These pens look almost indistinguishable from a vape, allowing you to hit it pretty much anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Pens require separate cartridges. These carts are what has the THC. The only downside to these is that if you smoke a lot, buying cartridges often could cost you a lot of money. If you don’t hit it that often, a fresh cart can probably last you as long as two or three months.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are another fairly common way to smoke. These devices can heat up your flower in two different ways: convection and conduction. Conduction vaporizers will apply heat directly to your weed and convection vaporizers surround your cannabis with hot air to heat it up. Think convection oven.

Within the community, convection vaporizers are seen as the superior dry herb vaporizer. This is because, with conduction vaporizers, the direct heat on the weed could lead to combustion, which may release harmful byproducts. Since convection vaporizers avoid combustion, they’re seen as the healthiest way to smoke weed.

Dry herb vaporizers are pretty cost-efficient and they don’t smell as much as traditional smoking does. Another big draw for vaporizers is that you’ll be able to get a much better and defined taste from your flower.

Common Ways to Smoke Cannabis

If you’re new to the smoking community, it’s good to know and understand the common ways to smoke. This way, when you’re out with friends and a rotation forms, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

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  1. Interesting read. Good information. I’ve known about weed since the mid ’70s. The new tech stuff is something of which I have little knowledge. I appreciate the article for its clear explanations. As with anything, there are as many preferences as there are users. That’s cool.

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