8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Marijuana Dispensary

Whether you use marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, it’s important that you choose a marijuana dispensary that fits your needs.

The legal cannabis industry is booming and many dispensaries have opened up in states that have legalized the plant, but how do you know what to look for in a recreational or medicinal dispensary so you don’t end up with poor quality cannabis or people who don’t know what they’re doing.

This is especially true for people using it for medicinal purposes. If you aren’t getting the right strain for your needs. The right levels of CBD and THC can have a profound impact on your medical issue and the effects you might feel.

The 8 areas below are a guide to help you choose the perfect dispensary for your needs.

Good Selection Or Good Quality

There are many strains available of various potencies and level of THC and CBD. Geneticists and growers development new strains all the time. Make sure your recreational marijuana dispensary has choices, but don’t sacrifice quantity for quality. Ideally, their selection should be plentiful and also good quality.

When you’re paying a premium for these strains you want cannabis that looks and smells good and fresh. Avoid any sort of unpleasant odor or signs of mold. The various strains should be well taken care of and packaged in clear containers so you can see exactly what you are buying.

When it comes down to quantity of strains versus quality of cannabis, quality wins every time. Quality cannabis provides the effects you want and an all around pleasurable experience.

Is There a Marijuana Dispensary Near Me?

It’s a common question asked by many people. You don’t want to travel two hours to get to a dispensary if you don’t have to.

People who use it for pain relief and other reasons may be unable to travel far distances. Use Google maps or other programs and see how many dispensaries are in your area. You might be surprised.

If there are many dispensaries in your area it might just pay to shop around. Closer does not always equal better. Sometimes a short drive can get you a better experience and a better product.

There are many dispensaries that offer delivery of cannabis within a certain distance. Cannabis delivered to your door can’t be beat. This is ideal for anyone with an illness or condition that makes leaving the house difficult.

Get to Know Your Budtender

There are few jobs with a name as interesting and unique as budtender, but the moniker needs the knowledge to go with it. Most people walk into a dispensary with questions and varying levels of  knowledge of marijuana.  The staff needs to know everything, such as the types of highs each strain provides and the difference between edibles, flower, oils and other forms of cannabis.

Budtenders need to be attentive and friendly to customers. They should go out of their way to make you feel comfortable with the product you end up purchasing.

Budtenders with little knowledge can sell you a product that isn’t what you want. If a dispensary wants to have repeat customers, they need to provide them with knowledge and suggestions.

Quality Cannabis Costs A Premium

When you don’t have experience with marijuana, you don’t know the prices of the various strains. What makes one worth more than another? You don’t mind paying a premium price, but you want to make sure you’re getting the right product.

There is no doubt quality cannabis is worth every penny. It’s like purchasing a Bugatti instead of a Ford Taurus. The Taurus can get you around, but it doesn’t look or work like a Bugatti.

When you look for the dispensaries near you, check out websites and do comparison shopping. There’s no shame in doing a little research and knowing you’re getting what you pay for.

Find a Comfortable Atmosphere

The atmosphere inside dispensaries varies wildly, but it should feel comfortable and welcoming when you walk in the door..

You can find dispensaries with lounge areas and fresh coffee while you wait for the budtender or hang out after your purchase. There are small mom and pop shops and large spa-like stores that can sell you bud.

What are People Saying?

A dispensary can look amazing on paper, but you should never judge a book by its cover. Before choosing from the many marijuana dispensaries, check out reviews on Yelp, visit their Facebook page and their  website.

You can get information from customers that interacted with the staff and bought the product. You can also see how the dispensary interacts, in a virtual sense, with their audience.

Every now and then someone has a bad experience, but if a store has several negative reviews, then you might want to find a different one.

You may also find stores with great reviews from customers. They’re the ones that offer great customer service and products.

What Types of Cannabis Do They Have?

Smoking cannabis isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to get their weed a different way. A good dispensary has other options like edibles. Edibles have the marijuana infused into them.

Many people think of brownies when it comes to edibles, but gourmet chefs can infuse marijuana into almost anything. Some dispensaries have onsite commercial kitchens where they create all kinds of tasty treats from desserts to snacks.

Cannabis oils are another popular way of consuming cannabis and many dispensaries have a wide variety of products to support this method of consumption. Ask your budtender for the various options.

Where Do They Get Strains and How Is It Grown?

Marijuana is big business and not just in the dispensaries. Big and small pot farms are popular as well.

Some large marijuana dispensaries have their own growers that create specific strains to their exact requirements. Sometimes the grow operation is directly onsite and other times dispensaries purchase from local growers.

If they don’t make it obvious where they get their products, then ask where they get their cannabis and the conditions it is grown under. There is a difference when it comes to how the plants are handled prior to cultivation. You can’t go wrong with a dispensary that grows it’s product onsite, using the sun as a sustainable energy source.

Your Dispensary Is Your Business

It shouldn’t be a dispensary. It should be your marijuana dispensary. It’s a place you want to visit and enjoy speaking with the staff.

If you want more information about cannabis dispensaries and general marijuana knowledge, then check out our blog.


7 Responses

  1. I agree with you that purchasing basing on quality is worth every penny. In terms of purchasing cannabis, it’s always important to look at the quality and to look for the best dispensary in your area so that they can match the right kind for your needs. In the event that I will switch to cannabis use, I will definitely look for good quality ones so that I can maximize my money.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that good dispensaries will have different options available, like edibles. My husband and I are thinking about trying a weed delivery service because it was recently legalized in our state. I wasn’t sure what qualities to look for as we choose a dispensary, so thanks for sharing the tip to look for variety.

  3. I really appreciate your advice to find a dispensary that has a lot of strains packaged and labeled clearly so you know what you are buying and have a lot of options. Since this will be my first time visiting a dispensary for recreational marijuana, I think it would be very helpful to find a dispensary that has great customer service to help you find what you need. With everything I’ve heard about the mental health and pain-relieving benefits of marijuana, I’m excited to try it.

  4. Thank you for pointing out that you really need to consider quality when it comes to finding a dispensary. My mother needs to find a dispensary to get stuff for her epilepsy. I’ll have to do some research and find the best one in our area.

  5. You made a good point that I should inquire how the plant was grown whenever I go to a dispensary. I wasn’t much of a party kid when I was in college so I feel like I missed out on a lot. At the very least, I’d like to try recreational marijuana once in my life.

  6. My twin sister experiences intense anxiety and was told that medical marijuana from a dispensary could help her cope. I appreciate your tip to learn information about a dispensary from customers who have been there before. I will have my sister look into reviews and customer experiences before she chooses a dispensary.

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